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I didn't know it was impossible, So I did it...

Dear friend,
dear trembling partner, what
surprises you most in what you feel,
earth’s radiance or your own delight?

Louise Glück, from “Matins” (via litverve)

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#mytravelgram in red

#mytravelgram in red

Wepass on and travel far.

The vertiginous road comes to an end, the huge humps of mountains are softened.

Pitilessly eroded by time they disappear into the mist.

We pass on and travel far.

The wild soul of the mountainous landscape is tanned, and the sombre memories of the past becalmed.

Outlined now are soft low hill ranges.

Their small summits are cloaked in the soft colors of woods that extend all the way down into the green valleys below.


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And then memory is dulled. Positions taken, objections  raised are eradicated. All become merged in a mirage of other realities, and pass into the desert of oblivion.

The mystique of ecstasy, a contagious enchantment, and time untouched, non-existent, make the imponderable answers to all the eternal questions appear, for a while here, simple, transparently obvious.


How can I tell you that
Last night you came
Unbidden, in a dream?

Philip Larkin, from “Morning Has Spread Again” (via litverve)